The must have guide for all inspiring basketball players. Learn what it takes to improve your jump shot with over 36 pages of colorful images that are sure to help players of all ages.  Included in this colorful guide is a brief history of basketball, 5 of the greatest shooters of all time, form breakdown, and a kicks gallery that all basketball enthusiasts will be sure to enjoy.  


the Jump shot

A complete breakdown to everything you need to know about the jump shot.  Learn the importance of all the fundamentals: stance, hand placement, follow-thru, etc. Follow the history of the game, learn how to practice, and much more through fun colorful illustrations. 



Every successful player has a support team and a plan.  Learn how to develop a proper practice plan with your parents, mentor, or coach while keeping a consistent schedule to help you achieve your goals. Becoming a better basketball player will take a lot of dedication and hard work and it is in your best interest to take advantage of the people around you.


Shoes have played a major role in the culture of basketball.  That is why some of the most iconic basketball shoes are featured throughout this entire book. Readers can learn about the history of these shoes in the "Sneakers Index" on the final pages. From the famous Air Jordan XI to the Nike Air Mags featured in Back to The Future II, the "Sneakers Index" is sure to satisfy any sneaker head. 

Beyond the pages

Learn about all the tiny details in the book and the stories behind them at Beyond The Pages.

Meet The Author

Corey Jones is a youth motivational speaker who travels all over the country inspiring kids to be the best version of themselves.  He is recognized as an expert in shooting the basketball from his playing career in high school and in college. With his ability to shoot the basketball from the outside, Corey worked his way into starting roles on championship teams. In 2008, Corey had the highest 3pt shooting percentage of any college player in the country.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Corey's journey from basketball player, to speaker, to now illustrator/author.

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Bring Corey to your school...

Author visits are a great way for Corey to impact your students. Learn Corey's creative process and all the small stories that make up his book. Your students will get to celebrate the important of reading and creativity by interacting with an author and illustrator.  Learn more

Perfect addition to Basketball Camps...

"How to Shoot a Basketball" makes a wonderful addition to any basketball camp.  Send your campers home with their very own guide to developing a better jump shot.  Bring Corey to your camp and he will share his basketball experience with your campers.  Learn more